Alison Gallon

I couldn’t be more satisfied with Kelly Catallo’s educational background, vast network of professional references, and her ability to save me money! I have looked to her for reliable advice regarding home repairs, home selling, apartment rentals, and business office leasing. She has always saved me money, time, and footwork. She has helped me complete a two unit oil to gas conversion with her sound references. She relocated my business from New Hampshire to Mass to an office that will save me even more money than when I operated in NH. I respect her ability to work within Medford and Somerville, and maintain many connections within said communities. She is surely someone who can and will, find you exactly what you are looking for, with a smile and a laugh. She takes all of the stress of relocating, and negotiating and she makes it look easy. I trust Kelly to handle it for you! Thank you to Kelly and her team of professional businesswomen. You have made my year, and have helped me numerous times over the past 8 years. It’s always a pleasure working with all of you at Cosmopolitan Real Estate.